Communications Law  

Charlton Webber, PLLC has actively represented national and international real estate companies with their communications needs since 2000. We have assisted with single property installations, multi-property contracts, adversarial matters, asset-based due diligence aspects of portfolio acquisitions, and securing such interests post-acquisition. The firm is also able to assist with communications-related property issues on either a cooperative or an adversarial basis.

Rooftop Agreements

For more than a decade, Charlton Webber, PLLC has provided efficient and lasting rooftop leases and easements as well as management and in-building access agreements. We represent owners and rooftop managers for all types of buildings, including Class-A office buildings, hotels, condominiums, governmental buildings, and churches throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our deep understanding of the financial and operational concerns of the rooftop manager, lessor, building manager, and owner allows us to assist all parties in negotiating a transaction that is mutually beneficial. Learn More >>


Communication Towers

Determining whether to lease or sell your land to a cell tower company or communications provider involves many aspects other than price. These may include the long-term plans for the surrounding property and whether the agreement will be a lease, sale, or a long-term or perpetual easement. Charlton Webber, PLLC has extensive experience in all of these areas and can help you understand and benefit from an agreement that best fits your needs. Learn More >>


Building or Property Access Agreements

Granting access to a cable or communications provider to a building or commercial property involves a variety of issues that challenge many real estate attorneys. Charlton Webber, PLLC has extensive, long-term experience with such agreements. We can help you identify and resolve issues in a timely manner so that all parties understand their access rights and responsibilities and make choices that enhance your property value. Learn More >>