Charlton Webber, PLLC negotiates all types of leases for both landlords and tenants. The firm assists clients in efficiently identifying and resolving bottom-line issues related to leasing and property management. Charlton Webber has years of experience in everything from office buildings to shopping centers. Experienced. Knowledgeable. Effective


Retail Leasing

Signage, visibility, the quantity of parking, proximity to various tenants, and the amount of square footage devoted to sales are all crucial to managing a successful Shopping Center. Representing owners and managers of retail space requires a unique understanding of such provisions, and how they can create risk if not properly negotiated or managed. Charlton Webber, PLLC helps clients recognize and negotiate retail lease issues that lead to success. Learn More >>


Office Leasing

Office leasing has its own particular challenges. Each tenant has slightly different goals, but all require space in which the owner, employees, and visitors can easily access the premises and work in a pleasant, efficient atmosphere. Charlton Webber, PLLC understands these issues from the perspective of the buyer, seller, tenant, landlord, and property manager. We can assist with everything from lease documents to managing tenant expectations and advise all concerned on both legal and practical matters.  Learn More >>


Industrial Leasing

Industrial tenants have very specific requirements and are generally focused on functionality rather than aesthetics. An industrial equipment company may have minimum standards for the construction of parking or the availability of rail service, whereas a food service company may care more about existing refrigeration equipment and the ability to upgrade. Whatever the business concern, Charlton Webber, PLLC has the experience with industrial tenants and landlords to assist you in making the best choice for profit and performance.Learn More >>


Tenant Representation

Much of Charlton Webber's experience has been representing landlords, and this experience is extremely valuable when representing tenants. Charlton Webber understands the issues that may have a significant impact on what a space will cost from year to year as well as the issues that can burden operations and result in unanticipated costs. Most importantly, our firm understands the middle ground and how to get there quickly, so that you can find the space you want and focus on your business.  Learn More >>


Medical Leasing

Charlton Webber, PLLC represents owners and developers of medical facilities with all lending, leasing, and property management issues. The firm also represents tenants in the medical and healthcare industries from small office leases to anchor leases. Having successfully assisted with a number of medical facilities, we have the experience to help you find the right space for your practice, your patients, and your bottom line.Learn More >>