Office Leasing

Office leasing has its own particular challenges in each of these areas with a tenant's goals being slightly different.  An office tenant typically requires space in which the owner, the employees and visitors may easily access the premises on a daily basis and work in a pleasant atmosphere in an efficient manner.  Accordingly, a landlord must have the ability to manage the various tenants and occupants of a building in a way which minimizes disturbances with one another, keeps operating expenses manageable, while maintaining the premises in a manner that maintains the aesthetics and functionality of the Building and its systems and maintains the rental rates for the Building.  Charlton Webber, PLLC understands these issues from the perspective of a buyer or seller of an office building, as the tenant, the landlord and the property manager.  Ms. Webber's experience representing the buyer and seller of Class A office buildings has allowed her to understand the importance of what goes into a lease document, how the Building is maintained and how the expectations of tenants may be managed in connection with these items.  It is her experience in working with building owners, managers and owner/occupants that has given her the ability to advise clients on both legal and practical matters. 

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